2003 Chen Xiang Shou (Cooked) Puer

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Like a cowboy librarian.  

These squares of cooked/ripened puer, grown on the slopes of Bulang Mountain, produce an strong, thick, mahogany red brew, with a full flavor that lasts for many brews.  This tea is bold.  Its musty flavor is reminiscent of old, leather-bound books, pipe smoke, dust, and stone fruits, such as dried apricots.  

Nomenclature: The Chinese name for this particular puer is 陳香/陈香 - Chén Xiāng

陳/陈 - Chén - Aged.  

香 - Xiāng - Fragrant, aromatic, or incense.  This character originally derives from the character for grain (on top) combined with the modified character for sugarcane, or sweet (on the bottom).  While sweet grain may be the implication of this, this character is used to refer to all sorts of pleasant aromas, from savory to minty to floral.  In this case, the aroma is decidedly savory in nature.  

Puer is well-known for becoming better with age.  Thus it is often described as 越陈越香 (yùe chén yuè xiāng), meaning: "The more it is aged, the more fragrant it becomes."  Thus, while the name of this particular tea could be translated as "Aged & Fragrant," but, really, the name alludes to this saying.  

Lasts about a dozen brews.  

Price is per 50 grams (1.76 ounces).  
Each square consists of approximately 6.8 grams.

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