Pesticide-Free Phoenix White ~ Dancong Bai

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This Phoenix White is a rare treasure!  

The Phoenix Mountains are world-famous for the complex, woodsy, floral, and fruity wulongs that are grown there.  Though it incredibly rare, the leaves of these bushes can also be processed in order to produce a white tea (processed less, actually).  The leaves that comprise this tea were naturally grown, without the use of pesticides, on Wudong Peak, the most prized tea-growing region in all the Phoenix Mountains.  

Dry, these leaves carry a fresh, floral, slightly minty aroma, with a hint of dried apricots.  Wet, their smell is rich, like summer wildflowers.  Its produces a golden brew with light, floral, somewhat earthy flavor.  It carries a honeysuckle sweetness, as well as the quintessential flavor of Phoenix Mountain teas, which make it reminiscent of the Dancong wulongs made in this region. 

This tea is slightly dry, and its qi feels slightly cool.  It has a lightening, lifting, calming, and clarifying energy, which helps to open the airways and dry dampness.  If it were a stone, it would be labradorite.  If it were a person, it would be one who spends their time in the mountains, gathering wildflowers to sell to the people.  

Lasts about 6 brews.  

Nomenclature: The name Dancong is used to refer to the teas (generally wulongs) from the Phoenix Mountains.  Literally, this name means "Single Bush."  This name came from the fact that, traditionally, the tea leaves from each bush were kept separate.  Thus, when drinking a Dancong, one would be experiencing the leaves from one individual bush.  While this is no longer a common practice, the teas of this region retain the name "Dancong." 

Price is per 50 grams (1.76 oz)

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