2018 Pesticide-Free Mt. Jingmai Shou (Cooked) Puer

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Amazing now, better later.

This phenomenally good puer comes from traditionally-processed tea that was grown on the slopes of Mt. Jingmai.  

There is a word in Chinese, yùn (韻/韵), that is often used to describe tea.  Literally, it translates as "rhyme."  This character describes the way the final notes of a song seem to linger in the air after the song has ended.  I have also heard it described (by a Chinese speaker) as the refined elegance of a beautiful, middle-aged Asian woman, whose beauty and grace have fully matured to a state of perfection (i.e. Michelle Yeoh).  In tea, it describes a sort of sweetness that lingers on the palate.  In English terms, this quality is reminiscent of petrichor (the smell of rain), rainwater, granite, caves, and iron.  While the term yùn may lack a direct translation, this puer provides a perfect exemplar, as it is yùn through and through.  

Dry, its bouquet is like that of dried flowers in a cave.  Wet, it smells like rain.  It produces a rich, auburn brew, with a pure, clean flavor.  Its brew is smooth and sweet, with a light body and not a single element out of place.  Its qi is lively, moistening and cool.  This is a pure, uplifting brew, that tickles the tongue and leaves the mouth watering.  This puer is a good tea to give one strength for a great journey or pilgrimage.  

If this tea were a person, it would be Michelle Yeoh.  If it couldn't be Michelle Yeoh (likely on account of the fact that Michelle Yeoh is already Michelle Yeoh), it would be a devout, young, Tibetan pilgrim, possessing a pure heart and sublime beauty.  

Lasts for about 10-15 brews.  

Each cake consists of approximately 357 grams.

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