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Coming from the province of Shaanxi, Fu tea is a form of aged tea in the same category as puer.  Both are considered "black" in Chinese, not to be confused with what is called "black" in the West, which, in Chinese, is referred to as "red."  

What makes the aged tea from this region particularly special is the "Golden Flower" mushroom, which grows on the tea as it ages.  Long-hailed for its medicinal benefits, Golden Flower, or "jīn huā" in Mandarin, is used to ferment a variety of medicinal substances, in addition to tea, thereby potentiating their medicinal benefits.  Claims of its health benefits are bolstered by a growing body of scientific research, which has thus far shown Golden Flower (AKA Eurotium cristatum) to have anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, anti-obesity, probiotic, and immunomodulatory effects, to lower cholesterol and lipid levels, and support a healthy gut biome, thereby benefiting digestive health.  Thus, it is unsurprising that studies suggest its may be useful in cases of ulcerative colitis, obesity, and both Type I and Type II Diabetes.  (See links at bottom of description for a fraction of these studies.)  In addition to its health benefits, Golden Flower's transformation of elements in the tea reduce its bitterness and impart a unique flavor, prized by connoisseurs.  When it comes to a Golden Flower Fu tea, the Golden Flower causes an increase in aromatic alcohols, improving the tea's aroma, while reducing polyphenol content, thereby reducing bitterness and astringency.  

Dry, this tea carries a sweet smell with a heavy yun element, reminiscent of wet grass, dried currants, a hint of apricot, and a touch of vast, underground cavern, with water flowing through it.  Its black leaves carry occasional hints of green and red, and the golden flower can be seen in abundance, a sprinkling of gold throughout the tea like a spice.  Wet, it yields a dank, rich, fungal aroma, like wet earth, with notes of plum, dried cherries, mahogany, oak, tangerine, and honey.  It produces an auburn-mahogany brew with a full body and smooth texture and slightly astringent aftertaste.  Its delectable flavor is bright, earthy, woody, juicy, fruity, and slightly tart, with elements of currant, cherry wood, raspberry leaf, apricot, peach, iron, wet granite, rainwater, and tree bark.  

Its qi is smooth, grounded, full and warm, helping to relax the diaphragm and open the airways.  Its effects are stimulating yet grounded.  

Lasts about 8-10 brews.  

Price is per 450 gram brick (about 1 pound)

Golden Flower studies:

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