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These 5-6 gram packets are composed of the classical blend of aged citrus peel (chen pi) and Fuding white tea, White Peony (Bai Mudan), in particular.  (White Peony, or Bai Mudan, is composed of a mix of outer leaves and inner bud-leaves, characterized by their white fuzz.)  Each rectangle is individually packaged, making this tea ideal for travel or for offering to a host.  In addition, has an indentation line for easy breakage, which separates the rectangle into a larger, square serving and a smaller, rectangular one.  Thus, depending on the amount one is willing to brew and the size of one's vessel, one has three options for leaf quantity (the entire rectangle, the smaller square, or the smaller rectangle). 

Aged citrus peel is used in classical Chinese medicine to move qi.  Stuck qi tends to manifest in symptoms such as pain, PMS, emotional upset, stress, and depression.  Chen pi (aged citrus peel) smooths this flow.  

Dry, the fresh citrus oils from the chen pi are readily apparent.  Its aroma is light, floral, and earthy, with elements of apricots, tangerines, pink peppercorns, mushrooms, oranges, and hay.  Wet, its leaves carry a more pronounced tangerine peel aroma, as well as elements of sweetgrass, aged plum, leather, cognac, and mineral-rich clay.  

It produces an amber brew with a hay-like aroma.  Elements of citrus peel are more apparent in the flavor of early brews, gradually giving way to the deepening flavor of the white tea.  Its flavor profile is beautifully balanced, luscious, yet straightforward and unerring, with elements of orange, marble, porcelain, berries, fruit, biscuits, licorice, melon, and fig newton crust.  Its complexity and body are such that one can sink into the flavor of this tea.  Its texture is round, smooth, and slippery as it glides, like silk, over the tongue.  

Its qi is warming, softly moving, harmonizing, and slightly dry.  It brings qi to the eyes, third eye, and makes the forehead feel open.  In the words of one drinker, "It makes me feel like I sprouted angel wings and a halo."  In the words of another, "It clears the sinuses of my soul."  

Lasts about ten brews.  

Price is per 5 packets.

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