Pesticide-Free Ao Fu Phoenix Wulong ~ Ao Fu Dancong

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Hailing from Phoenix Mountain in southeastern China, Dancong ("Single Bush") wulongs are well-known for their full body, boasting a fruity, floral, complex, woodsy flavor, with a quintessential flavor that I have come to think of as "phoenix-like."  This particular Phoenix wulong was grown naturally, without the use of pesticides, on Wudong Peak, the central peak of the Phoenix Mountains.  The Phoenix teas grown on this particular peak are the most highly-prized in all the Phoenix Mountains.  

This twice-roasted tea is a Shui Xian (Water Immortal) cultivar.  It was harvested from 80 year old trees, grown at an elevation of 800 meters.  It is particularly known for its notes of honey, gardenia flowers, and orange blossoms.  

Dry, its leaves are long, reddish-black with slight hints of yellow, and carry an aroma reminiscent of a bakery, flowers, and pools of jade.  Once steeped, it produces a golden brew with a vibrant, green, floral aroma, and a flavor similar to Ben Shan, reminiscent of pancakes, waffles, bread, syrup, and biscuits.  Its aroma has elements of honeysuckle, gardenia, orange blossoms, jasmine, and fresh baked goods.  Its texture is silky and buttery in the mouth, and, in keeping with most Phoenix wulongs, slightly dry on the back of the throat.  


The original name for this tea was Ao Ku Hou (凹堀后), meaning "Behind the Hollow."  This was a reference to a hollow in the Phoenix Mountains behind a large boulder.  Since the mother tree that gave rise to this varietal originated above this hollow, it was given the name "Ao Ku Hou/Behind the Hollow."  Over time, the character 堀 (pronounced “Ku" in Mandarin), was changed to 富 (pronounced "Fu" in Mandarin, but more similarly in other dialects), meaning "wealth/prosperity."  Thus, today this tea is referred to either as "Ao Fu" (meaning "Wealth Hollow," or, more literally, "Hollow Wealth") or "Ao Fu Hou" (meaning "Behind the Wealth Hollow").  

Lasts about 6 brews, depending on taste.

Price is per 50 grams/1.76 ounces

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