Pesticide-Free Wen Zhong Phoenix (Dancong) Wulong

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Grown on Wudong Peak, the most prized of all the tea-growing regions of the Phoenix Mountains.  The teas produced in this region (wulongs, except in rare cases) tend to be bold, floral, fruity, and foresty.  This particular Phoenix wulong is extremely long lasting, emphasizes the floral aspect of this flavor profile above all else.  Dry, the leaves of this tea carry a slightly, earthy, forest aroma.  This tea carries an intoxicating orchid aroma.  This bouquet is reminiscent of a lush, green forest, replete with blooming jasmine and orchids.  Its flavor is is sweet, vibrant, foresty, savory, and slightly tart, with hints of spearmint, honeysuckle, loquat, and orange peel.  Its texture ranges from smooth to astringent, depending on the brew.  This brew has a floral aftertaste, and leaves a ringing sweetness on the tongue (huitian).  Ultimately, the flavor serves to round out and ground the aroma of this tea, which takes the lead in its expression.  

The qi of this tea is drying, helping to open the sinuses, and stimulating, though its flavor provides a balancing, grounded element.  

Take care in brewing this tea.  Phoenix wulongs tend to be sensitive, and easy to overbrew.  While this particular Dancong is more robust and forgiving than many others (such as Jade Orchid, Big Black Leaf, Huang Zhi Xiang, and Honey Orchid), it can still be overdone if one is inattentive to its needs.  

If this tea were a person, it would be soft-spoken, highly scholastic, kindly Zen nun, clad in gray robes and utterly lacking in pretension.  

Lasts about 8-15 brews.  

(Phoenix wulongs are generally not brewed more than five times by the locals of the region where they are grown, but you do what you want.)

Nomenclature: The Chinese name for this tea is 叢/文种单

文 - Wén - Culture, language.  This term is often used in opposition to its Chinese antonym, 武 (wǔ), meaning "martial."  

種/种 - Zhòng/Zhǒng - Seed, to plant, breed, type.

Together, this name could be translates as "The Cultured Varietal," connoting a love of language, art, music, literature, science, poetry, and peace.  

單/单 - Dān -  Single.  

叢/丛 - Cóng - Bush, shrub.  

The teas of the Phoenix Mountains are referred to as *Dāncóng (單叢/), meaning "single bush."  This is because, traditionally, the leaves from each of tea bush would be kept separate, allowing one to taste the flavor produced by one particular bush.  While this is no longer standard practice in the Phoenix Mountains, the teas of this region have retained the name.  

*(The "c" in Chinese is pronounced "ts.")

Price is per 50 grams/1.76 ounces

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